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Moda Center Concert Promotions

CLIENT: Portland Trail Blazers (as an employee)

YEAR: 2018-2020

The biggest names in music perform at the Moda Center. I had the opportunity to create arena animations using the ads provided by the promoters. I would watch some of their music videos to pick up on their overall visual language, then animate the ads in a way that was engaging and had its own life, and fit into that larger body of work. Here are a few of them.

Justin Bieber Changes Tour - I took inspiration from the theme changes, and had flashed changes in his photo.

Prince Royce Alter Ego Tour - The fog in this composition had existing movement, and called out to be animated.

Tool in Concert- The animations created for the video walls at Tool concerts have long inspired me. This piece was a recreation of the existing animated assets created for the tour. 

An Evening with The Avett Brothers - The hand drawn look of the central image of this composition lent itself to a transition for the other elements.

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