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Portland Trail Blazers 10's Night AR Filters & Motion Graphics

CLIENT: Portland Trail Blazers (as an employee)

YEAR: 2019

The 2019-2020 season of the Portland Trail Blazers was the 50th season of the NBA franchise. To celebrate, there were 5 games designated to celebrate each decade of its existence. I was tasked with creating AR filters and pumpers (to pump up the arena crowd). I was given creative freedom to research, concept, and execute. These were some of the graphics created for 10's night. AR filters were created using Spark AR, Cinema 4D, and Adobe Illustrator.

That moment when meme AR filter

The wild west of the internet as it laid a taproot into our pop culture meant the dawn of the meme. I created an homage to them.

Catbreading was a thing. So I catbreaded Blaze the Trailcat.

Cats you say? Internet you say? Blaze the Trailcat you say? I give you Blaze the Nyan Cat. I programmed this little guy circled around the person's head. 

Catbreading meme AR filter
Nyan Cat AR Filter
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